M&A Business

Taking the business expansion stage globally

With numerous sell deals from all around the world, IFINBIZ enables you to find companies that suit your business strategy. If you find sell deals that catches your eye, the deals can be added to the Watch list in which you can keep the deals. Also, by registering your expected type of deals on WishList, you will be notified when a new deal that matches your ideal condition by Email from IFINBIZ M&A. So you will never miss the right timing for negotiations.

Register sell deals, and open to our reliable users.

You can post deal information which includes company overview, its financial information and related documents required for negotiations.
Once you have registered, your team members can also keep updating and managing the contents at any time to make it more specific.
This enables you to attract the buyers and investors across the world to your deal effectively and find the ideal ones from many candidates.

Making complicated M&A negotiations smoother and faster

When you would like to know more about the deal information, you can send message to sellers directly.
Our messaging function also allows you to work out details of your deal with your team members and exchange contract documents online which will dramatically reduce your time for offline meeting for negotiation and financial burden on M&A procedures.

Realize safe and secure M&A negotiations with high security

On IFINBIZ M&A, only basic information is displayed for all of our reliable users to protect the confidential deal information.
Buyer can access detailed information only after the sellers receive and approve disclosure requests sent from the buyers.
We take the security seriously and we provide a high level of security used by high-end technology to manage and protect extremely confidential information, such as deal information related to every deal in our platform.

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